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At Engler Machine we build fuel injection systems for 600 and 1000 micro sprints, midgets, 305s, 360s, 410s, and big blocks. We can also build a custom injection to meet your specific needs. Maybe you have an injection with several races on it and you are thinking about having it rebuilt? We can help you with that as well. This is a great option to get your injection running smoother again. During a rebuild we check the condition of your tops to see how well they flow. This flow test will show us how each bore flows. Depending on the findings of the test, we will sometimes replace your butterfly shaft, butterflies, bushings, etc. This replacement of parts will give you a more accurate air flow from each bore.

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Throttle Shaft Bushing
Our Price: $2.75

3/16 Male Heim Left
Our Price: $4.75

3/16 Male Heim Right
Our Price: $4.75

BBL Valve O Ring Kit
Our Price: $6.30

3/8 Male Heim Right
Our Price: $7.50

5/16 Male Heim On 3/8 Shank Right
Our Price: $8.50

2 1/2" Butterflies - ea
Our Price: $12.00

2.500 (2 1/2) replacement butterfly - each
2 11/16" Butterflies - ea
Our Price: $12.00

2.6875 (2 11/16) replacement butterfly - each
2 13/16" Butterflies - ea
Our Price: $12.00

2.8125 (2 13/16) replacement butterfly - each
2.900" Butterflies - ea
Our Price: $12.00

2.900" replacement butterfly - each

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